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Cathay Pacific Airways


Email Address:

Contact Person: Keren Barkay, Corporate Account Manager

Cathay Pacific is a premium five-star, award winning airline based in Hong Kong, known for connecting travellers to its hub in Hong Kong and beyond. Cathay Pacific operates both passenger and cargo services to many destinations in the Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with one of the youngest and most modern fleets in the industry. Cathay Pacific currently flies between Tel Aviv and Hong Kong three times a week, on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, connecting passengers to popular destinations including Japan, Thailand, The Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Australia and more. Cathay Pacific has been awarded the title of ‘World’s Best Airline’ four times, and the title of ‘World’s 10 Cleanest Airlines’ for five consecutive years by Skytrax.


Zahavi Atzmon 

Area of Expertise: Flooring, cladding and sanitary ware, TOTO toilets

Telephone: +972-3-9688288



Address: 12 Plotitsky st., Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel.


Zahavi Atzmon was founded over seventy years ago, a family business, leading in the design field, finishing materials and accessories for construction, for both private and commercial use in Israel. The products include porcelain, stone, marble, ceramic and parquet for flooring and coverings and also bathroom fixtures, faucets, kitchen accessories and swimming pools accessories, all of which are from the world's leading brands.

The core value of "Zahavi Atzmon" is its fine updated design, with values that go beyond  aesthetic and fashion, fulfilling  its commitment to the environment and true to green values. Recognition of the importance of protecting the environment has led "Zahavi Atzmon" to make the company's core value an ecological character. Accordingly, the company functions under viable policy, with social responsibility and has adopted an environmental management system, according to the strict standard ISO14001.

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OneLine VC

Shulman Advisory logo.png

Shulman Advisory

Area of Expertise: 日本エネルギー・電力業界

Contact Person: Amit Shalem

Phone Number: +972-54-744-6562







  • 政策や規制に関する調査

  • 市場調査や技術活用に関する調査

  • 戦略プランの立案

  • プロジェクトのフィージビリティ調査ならびに実施

  • マーケットへの参入サポート

  • 提携先やM&Aターゲット企業の選定

  • 日本国内の代理業務ならびに継続的なサポート


DIscountech Logo 300x300 onWhite (2).jpg

Discount- Tech


Discount Tech is Discount group’s banking arm dedicated to the high tech industry.

Our services are tailored for the high-tech world and supported by a professional team with deep understanding of the tech ecosystem and of founder's needs. 

We provide startups with best-in-class banking services as well as venture debt to support their growth. Acting is a One-stop-shop unit we allow startups to focus on what matters most – their solutions, clients and growth. 

Each startup is coupled with a trusted portfolio manager, their own dedicated "person at the bank”, who is highly experienced with the journey that startups take from inception through growth and on to a potential IPO or exit. Our in-house compliance officer streamlines processes to ensure international investments and payments are deposited smoothly with little hassle.  This is a game-changer.

To accelerate startups growth, we provide VC-backed, round B+ companies with a variety of debt products - MRR revolving credit facilities, AR revolving credit facilities, Venture Lending, term loans, and others.

Discount Group supports startups and the ecosystem across the board.

Our Innovation, Fintech & Cyber departments collaborate with startups and act as a design partner. Discount Capital invests in venture capital funds as well as directly in startups, and IDBNY, our US subsidiary, enables startups and entrepreneurs to have a soft landing in the USA, providing them all banking services as well as Venture lending.

Come talk to us, we’d love to be your partner for growth!



Area of Expertise: Importing, selling, and providing logistical support of products and advanced technologies in Japan.



K.I.N co. is a Japanese company owned by Israeli lives in Japan. With 21 years of experience doing business in Japan, K.I.N supply a wide range of support options. K.I.N deals with wide range of products and solutions, from water treatment & agri solutions, to pharma, cyber, cybermed, etc. We provide the support necessary to ensure your company's success in Japan.

Suzuki_logo מכשירי תנועה_edited.jpg

Automotive Equipment Group (AEV)

Area of Expertise: Import and Distribution of Vehicles



13 Shenkar Arie St., Rishon Lezion 7559904

Automotive Equipment Group (AEV) is one of Israel’s longstanding and leading automotive groups. The group imports and distributes passenger cars, buses, trucks, tires, forklifts, mechanical equipment, tractors and agricultural equipment, and operates a car insurance, car finance, and car maintenance agency. Automotive Equipment Ltd. was founded in 1949 by the Late Joseph Boxenbaum. In 2005, its commercial operation was transferred to Automotive Equipment and Cars (2004) Ltd., which is owned by the Neta (formerly Boxenbaum) family and the charitable foundation Neta – Boxenbaum. The real estate activity management remained under Automotive Equipment Group.


SivanS, Ltd

Area of Expertise: Marketing strategy, Public Relations,Creative

Location: HQ - Tokyo Tatemono Aoyama Building 3F Kitaaoyama, Minato-Ku, Tokyo

Tel Aviv Office: Ahad Ha’am 28, Tel Aviv TEL: +972-3-730-8014

TEL / FAX: +81-3-6812-9495 / +81-3-6812-9498



SivanS provides comprehensive solution plans, repeatedly verified to best fit your business.We are proud of our appropriate and unique suggestions based on our experience in strategic branding, creative planning, media contents, advertising, promotion, event planning, digital strategy and execution, sales promotion.

Founded:July 7th in 2011 President:Sivan Nakamura Employees:70


UTI - Israel

Area of Expertise: Importing vehicles

Telephone: 03-9120010

Fax: 03-9120011





Area of Expertise: Importing vehicles 

Telephone: 03-6255410

Fax: 03-5623564



Mabsut logo.jpg

Mabsut Group

Area of Expertise: Transforming entrepreneurs' dreams into realities, through expert advice, funding, and support.


Address: Ester ha-Malka St 4, Tel Aviv 6439804, Israel.

Mabsut Group provides a full spectrum of in-house services such as office space, business plan consultation, Internet environment, legal counsel, accounting, design, business development, User Interface, and User Experience. We’re also continually expanding our services, with many exciting new projects in the pipeline for the not too distant future.



Area of Expertise: Ecommerce, AI, Content management, Data structuring services

Telephone: +972-3-60-500-66

Address: Israel: 5 Jabotinsky st. Ramat Gan 5252006; Japan: KDX Roppongi 228 Bldg 9F, 2-2-8 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo JP


Lisuto AI platform combines AI technology with a deep consumer product related  knowledge. 

Lisuto AI provides an Ecommerce solution for automatic product data tagging from unstructured textual descriptions. Our software as a service (SaaS) solution is fully automated, based on AI and machine learning and enables the retailers to quickly and efficiently tag their data on marketplaces where they sell for better product search and discovery. By doing so retailers drive more traffic and generate more sales, while saving time and effort.


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