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Liquidity Group



Jakore is a startups localization hub towards Japan with a hands-on approach.

Jakore deal with B2B & B2C startups and provide them a one-stop-shop, based on their needs, entry to the Japanese market.



Phone Number: +972-3-613-5830


In Israel, Mazars is the partner of choice for local and global firms looking to expand
beyond their domestic borders. We take care of our clients’ financial, accounting and tax
needs, offering a seamless experience that meets their expectations.
A trusted player in Israel
Since opening our doors in 1992, we have been the go-to destination for both local and
global companies with business interests both in Israel and abroad.
Our strength is multi-fold: our partners are all multi-cultural, having worked extensively abroad and across diverse geographical locations. At the same time, we have a deep understanding of the local Israel environment and are able to help guide global organisations through the local maze of financial authorities, shifting regulations and bureaucratic red tape.
A proven track-record across different sectors and industries
Our firm has 30-year experience supporting and advising local and global players
operating in Israel and abroad. We provide deep and broad services including tax and
financial compliance to help our clients focus on what’s at the heart of their business
and, grow in a sustainable way.
Our team combines relevant local insights informed by a deep understanding of the
Israeli environment with a global perspective to provide the right solution for our clients.
Working with local and global companies of all sizes - from start-ups to SMEs and
Fortune 500 companies, our multicultural team uses their extensive global international
experience to tailor their approach to meet our clients’ needs. This includes supporting
foreign firms looking to settle in Israel and speaking a foreign language.


Beare Consulting, Inc.

Area of Expertise: Japan Business Accelerator 

Phone Number: +81 3 5464 3188 




Partner Program:

Beare Consulting,Inc. is the market leader in Japan market entry business, and the provider of the widest suite of services for foreign companies. Beare understands the Japanese way of doing business on one side and knows how to work with international companies on the other side. Beare has achieved successes with numerous overseas companies, including vendors of hardware, software, appliance, service provider and others. Founded in 1997, Beare is a privately held company headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

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