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Keepers Child Safety LTD

Area of Expertise: Computer & Network Security.



Keepers Child Safety revolutionized children's online safety, with the mission of enabling children to explore the digital world safely. Keepers empower children by allowing them the freedom to enjoy the best benefits of technology while providing parents with peace of mind about their children’s safety. Keepers Breakthrough AI NLP-based anti-toxic and web filtering systems, Keepers allows children to enjoy healthier communication on social platforms. Keepers’ employees are committed to protecting children from cyberbullying by developing a world free of online toxicity.


The Elegant Monkeys

Area of Expertise: translating human emotions to binary, and rendering mental states into observable information.



Each passing day, the digital and physical are becoming intertwined. As such, we are focused on building one of the core missing elements in the frontier of technology: the bridge of emotions. Our team is looking to lead the next singularity point of the digital age by translating human emotions to binary, and rendering mental states into observable information.

Striving to connect that which is uniquely human with ingenious hi-tech, each TEM product is meant to improve the quality of life through innovative technology aimed at our emotional, mental and human needs. We use the virtual world as basis for improving the quality of life for us, the inhabitants of the real world.


BioGenCell Ltd

Area of Expertise: Stem Cell Therapy

Tel: (+972) 9-8609598



BioGenCell is a clinical stage, biotechnology startup company, developing a disruptive biotechnology platform that combines the power of immunology and stem cell therapies to transform patient's blood into a lifesaving cellular treatment.

Our technology enables  a long lasting, safe, effective, and accessible cellular therapy for the treatment of various vascular diseases which are the #1 death and disability cause in the world. 

Our leading product BCG101, is designed to treat CLI (Critical Limb Ischemia), a chronic condition typical of diabetic and smoking populations, leading to amputation and death.

We have conducted FIH (First In Human) clinical trials with very promising results. Patients experience wound healing, walking ability improvement, reduction of pain and a major improvement in their quality of life   a year after the treatment.

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